Embark on a sacred journey of transcendence with Tour My Himalaya’s Char Dham Pilgrimage Tour. This extraordinary expedition will lead you to the divine abodes of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Yamuna, and Goddess Ganga. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas and enveloped in ethereal vibes, the four Char Dhams – Badrinath Dham Temple, Kedarnath Dham Temple, Gangotri Dham Temple, and Yamunotri Dham Temple – will anchor your spiritual voyage in mystical realms. The purpose of the Char Dham yatra is to free oneself from the karmic burdens of life. It is believed that undertaking this pilgrimage tour at least once in a lifetime grants salvation and eternal peace. Coined by the renowned saint Adi Shankaracharya, the term ‘holy Char Dham’ refers to the ‘four abodes of god.’ After completing the Char Dham Yatra, devotees invariably discover divine serenity and tranquility of mind, attracting spiritual seekers from all corners of the world to chase the spiritual storm.

Opening Dates of Char Dham Yatra 2023:

  • Yamunotri Temple Opening Date: 22nd April 2023
  • Gangotri Temple Opening Date: 22nd April 2023
  • Kedarnath Temple Opening Date: 25th April 2023
  • Badrinath Temple Opening Date: 27th April 2023

Experience the Visual Delights of the Char Dham Pilgrimage Tour Package 2023

The holy Char Dham Yatra commences from Delhi and leads you to the abode of God and the mesmerizing Yoga capital of India, now known as Tour My Himalaya. Rishikesh, where surreal and serene temples await, will enchant your senses with delightful evening Aartis. Our next destination, Barkot, paves the way to the sacred Yamunotri Temple, where the holy kunds of Jamna Bai and Surya, along with the soul-soothing Aarti at Divya Shila, wash away worldly worries. The magnificent temple at Uttarkashi preserves the spiritual whirlwind within your soul and guides you to the sacred Gangotri Temple, where the divine blessings of Goddess Ganga elevate your spirit. After a holy dip at Gaurikund and a divine darshan of Lord Kedarnath at the sacred Kedarnath Dham Temple, the journey continues amidst the majestic Himalayan mountains, leading you to the delightful Badrinath Temple, right after the enchanting Guptkashi. Finally, the pilgrimage culminates in Haridwar, where captivating Ganga Aarti and divine temple visits nourish the soul with spiritual fulfillment.

Char Dham Himalayan Pilgrimage Tour

Unforgettable Journey Amidst the Himalayas Tour My Himalaya invites devotees from across the globe to embark on the Char Dham Himalayan Pilgrimage Tour, one of the most visited shrines in the world. Our 11 nights 12 days Char Dham Yatra Tour Package 2023 offers breathtaking views of the lofty Himalayas and visits to various sacred shrines. The journey is adorned with sacred rivers, glaciers, and kunds, adding to the etherealness of your religious sojourn. Our tour package ensures complete facilities for an amazing spiritual tour in the Himalayas. From comfortable accommodations and transportation to expert guides and well-planned sightseeing arrangements, we remove all hindrances from your pilgrimage tour, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the divine experience.

Customizable Char Dham Yatra Tour Package 2023

Tour My Himalaya offers you the advantage of booking your holy Char Dham Yatra tour package for 2023 with us. Not only do we provide great deals on this remarkable tour package, but we also allow you to customize it according to your preferences. Enjoy complete freedom in choosing the facilities and arrangements that suit you best, and pay only for what you select. Our Customizable Char Dham Yatra Tour Package caters to all your needs, ensuring that you can fully embrace and enjoy your spiritual journey in a truly personalized way.

Char Dham Package from Rishikesh: Embark on a soul-stirring Char Dham pilgrimage with our specially designed package from Rishikesh. Immerse yourself in the divine aura of Rishikesh before embarking on your sacred journey to the four abodes of god. Our package ensures a seamless and enchanting experience from Rishikesh to the holy Char Dhams and back, providing you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Char Dham Package from Haridwar: Begin your spiritual odyssey from the sacred city of Haridwar with our thoughtfully crafted Char Dham package. Explore the spiritual wonders of Haridwar before embarking on a transformative journey to the revered Char Dhams. With our package, you can experience the divine blessings and profound serenity of these sacred sites, creating an unforgettable pilgrimage experience.

Char Dham Package from Dehradun: Embark on a blissful Char Dham pilgrimage from the picturesque city of Dehradun. Our package from Dehradun allows you to start your spiritual journey in a serene setting, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Traverse through the breathtaking Himalayas and visit the sacred Char Dhams, immersing yourself in their spiritual energy and finding solace amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Char Dham Package from Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Hyderabad: For devotees residing in Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, or Hyderabad, we offer seamless Char Dham packages that take care of all your travel arrangements. Experience a hassle-free pilgrimage as we provide convenient transportation, comfortable accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and well-planned sightseeing, ensuring that your journey to the Char Dhams is filled with divine blessings and spiritual rejuvenation.

Choose Tour My Himalaya for an Unforgettable Char Dham Yatra:

At Tour My Himalaya, we understand the significance of the Char Dham Yatra and strive to make your pilgrimage a deeply meaningful and memorable experience. With our meticulously designed tour packages, customizable options, and impeccable services, we ensure that you can embark on this sacred journey with peace of mind, focusing solely on your spiritual quest. Join us on the path to divine enlightenment as you explore the majestic Himalayas and seek the blessings of the revered deities at the Char Dhams.

Tour My Himalaya: Char Dham Pilgrimage Itinerary

DELHI – RISHIKESH: Embark on your spiritual journey as you drive from Delhi to Rishikesh, covering approximately 230 km in 6 hours. Enjoy a scenic lunch en route. Upon arrival in Rishikesh, check-in at the hotel. In the afternoon, embark on a sightseeing tour of Rishikesh, visiting Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula, and Swarga Ashram. In the evening, witness the enchanting Ganga Aarti. Overnight stay in Rishikesh.

RISHIKESH – BARKOT: After breakfast, drive approximately 200 km in 7 hours to reach Barkot. En route, visit the Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. Upon arrival in Barkot, check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay in Barkot.

BARKOT – YAMUNOTRI – BARKOT: Start your day with an early breakfast, followed by a drive to Janki Chatti. From there, undertake a trek to Yamunotri, covering a distance of 36 km by road and 7 km by trek. You can choose to trek on foot, ride a horse, or use a Doli. At Yamunotri, take a holy bath in Jamnabai Kund and cook raw rice or potato in Surya Kund, using it as Prasad. Witness the mesmerizing Aarti offered to Divya Shila and the main deity, Yamunaji. Later, drive back to Barkot for an overnight stay.

BARKOT – UTTARKASHI: After breakfast, drive approximately 100 km in 4 hours to reach Uttarkashi. Visit the Vishwanath Temple in Uttarkashi. Overnight stay in Uttarkashi.

UTTARKASHI – GANGOTRI – UTTARKASHI: Early morning, after breakfast, embark on a drive to Gangotri, located at an altitude of 3048 meters, surrounded by snow-capped Himalayas. Offer prayers at the Gangotri Temple and explore the area, including the submerged Shivling of natural rock. Drive back to Uttarkashi. Overnight stay in Uttarkashi.

UTTARKASHI – GUPTKASHI: After an early breakfast, drive approximately 210 km in 7 hours to reach Guptkashi. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay in Guptkashi.

GUPTKASHI – KEDARNATH: In the morning, leave for Gaurikund, the starting point of the trek to Kedarnath. The distance to Kedarnath is 45 km by road and 14 km via trekking. You can hire a pony or Doli for the trek. Kedarnath, situated at an altitude of 3584 meters, houses one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Upon reaching Kedarnath, visit the main temple. Overnight stay in Kedarnath.

KEDARNATH – PIPALKOTI: After an early morning visit to the Kedarnath Temple, return to Gaurikund (14 km trekking distance). From there, drive approximately 158 km in five hours to reach Pipalkoti. Overnight stay in Pipalkoti.

PIPALKOTI – BADRINATH: After breakfast, proceed to Badrinath via Joshimath, covering a road distance of 77 km in 3 hours. Upon arrival in Badrinath, check-in at the hotel and enjoy the evening Aarti at Badrinath Temple. Overnight stay in Badrinath.

BADRINATH – SRINAGAR: Early morning take a holy bath at Tapt Kund and then proceed for the Darshan of Badrivishal Brahma Kapal to perform Pinddan Shraddh for your ancestors. Explore other sacred sites at Badrinath, such as Mana, Vyas Cave, and Bhimkund. Afterward, embark on a 7-hour journey to Srinagar.

SRINAGAR – HARIDWAR: After an early breakfast, drive approximately 156 km in 4 hours to reach Haridwar. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel. In the afternoon, embark on a sightseeing tour of Haridwar, visiting Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi temples. In the evening, witness the enchanting Ganga Aarti. Return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

HARIDWAR – DELHI: After breakfast, bid farewell to the spiritual land of Haridwar and embark on a drive back to Delhi, concluding your Char Dham Pilgrimage Tour with cherished memories.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change based on local conditions and the discretion of the tour operator.

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